All rings sizes are given in European (sometimes known as French) sizes. If you do not know your size, we do recommend that you do go to a Jewellery shop to get a more reliable and accurate assessment or request a complimentary ring sizer and we would be happy to send you one. Ring sizer generally takes 5-7 working days to arrive.

There are some free online tools with printable ring sizers, but they will be less reliable.

Please remember that:

• Your fingers are not identical on each hand.

• Refrain from taking your size in extreme hot or cold weather or after exercise.

• Make sure that the ring will be able to move comfortably along the entire finger.

If the ring size you want to order is not in the drop down selection or you are unsure how to convert your ring size to European, please get in contact with

All bangles/cuffs on the website are quoted for a size 16.5. Please note that there might be a difference in price for a different size. To measure your bangle/cuff size you may take a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist where you intend to wear the item. Once you have a measurement, add 1-2 cm, depending on how tightly or loosely you would like the fit to be. For most people about 1.5 cm is an ideal fit. Look at the chart below and convert your measurement to Bangle size. Below is a size guide for bangles. If you would like some help with your size, please request a bangle sizer and we would be happy to assist and send you a complimentary bangle sizer.

Size Inside Diameter(mm) Inside Circumference (mm)
14.5 51x41 14.6
15.5 53x43 15.2
16.5 55x45 15.8
17.5 57x47 16.4