All Gemstones and Diamonds set in Letalis creations are naturally occurring and mined from ethical and legitimate sources in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions and the Kimberly Process. Letalis carefully selects its partners in this procurement process that have a proven track record of protecting its workers against Humans Right Abuse, providing a safe work environment and supporting local community development. We do not use lab created gemstones or diamonds.

Quite often we are asked of the origin of our diamonds and gemstones. Diamonds under 0.50 ct are challenging to track origin due to their small size and are often segregated on parameters such as colour and clarity. Diamonds above 0.50 carats from Letalis Jewellery will always come with a GIA certificate and will be at least of H Colour or better and of VS2 Clarity or better. The country of origin is sometimes available on the GIA report where it has been possible to track the rough until it has been polished, but generally speaking this new technology is not yet widespread and has a premium associated with it. Please get in touch with us if this is very important to you at info@letalisjewellery.com. Most of our diamonds come from but are not limited to Canada, Russia, South Africa, Botswana and Australia.

All of our diamonds are mined from natural sources and free of any treatment, with the exception of our black diamonds that are heated to give consistency and intensity to its black colour. The colour and clarity of the white diamonds used is F-H in Colour and VVS to Si1 in Clarity.

We are often asked why we make our products in this quality and if it would be possible to be order products in a higher or lower quality. Unfortunately, this is not possible. We have carefully decided on this range because we believe it offers clients the best value for money whilst providing a high-quality long-lasting piece of fine jewellery.

All gemstones are other materials are also naturally and ethically mined and have various treatments that are common in the trade. For example, our sapphires and rubies are heat treated to intensify their colour. Our emeralds are fractured filled with oil to improve clarity and durability. Please get in touch with us at info@letalisjewellery.com if you would like for more information or clarity about specific treatments used.

We do not use recycled gold. Gold is a precious metal; it will continue to be mined as long as it remains valuable. The best approach for the industry is to work with ethical miners who pay fair wages, treat workers humanely, provide a safe work environment and empower local communities. The best way to reduce unnecessary consumption is to make clear and conscious decisions about what you chose to buy. This is what Letalis does; provide superior timeless products, designed to last and stay desirable for generations.