All Letalis creations are precious and deserve the right to preserve their integrity by being handled with care. Please note that some items might be more delicate than others, and we suggest that you wear your jewellery in accordance with your daily activities. We recommend the following tips to protect your jewellery:

Avoid wearing jewellery:

  • In situations that could expose it to extreme heat/cold or rapid changes in temperature (thermal shock) such as cooking.
  • Doing household chores, sports and other activities that could result in high impact contact.
  • When coming into contact with corrosive chemicals or detergents.

Do take care when wearing multiple pieces of jewellery together. Please note that the metals may scratch, or the diamonds from one piece might scratch the metal or gemstones from another.

  • Please ensure that bracelet and necklace locks are functioning properly.
  • Please wear jewellery after applying makeup and perfume.

One way of checking if all stones are secure is to gently shake the piece of jewellery next to your ear; if you hear a slight noise, this could mean that the stones are no longer secure. We recommend you get into contact with us for further instructions.

Please store your Letalis Jewellery in the box or travel pouch it came in. Putting multiple items in a box/pouch could result in scratches, so use one item per pouch.

To clean your jewellery you may use a soft brush with mild ph neutral soap in water. Please note that this applies to precious metals, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. After cleaning you may rinse in lukewarm water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

For jewellery with stones such as emeralds, onyx or mother of pearl, just wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and then wipe it dry immediately.