Welcome to the world of Letalis

Letalis was born out of passion for high quality gemstones and fine craftsmanship to create stunning jewellery for the modern day person. We focus on elegant designs that never go out of style to help clients develop a permanent and practical jewellery collection.

The ability to keep jewellery desirable for generations to come is what we strive for and what we specialise in. Letalis creations are superior products that are designed
to last.


Our founder, Siddarth Shahani is a second generation jewellery and has worked in the jewellery industry since 2009. Shahani noticed clients would purchase lots of different jewellery and soon after would not wear it the majority of it as it was no longer fashionable. They would quite often bring back these pieces to see how they could be redesigned or repurposed into a new piece of jewellery.

Shahani always recommend a refined design that would be practical and stay desirable for a long time to come. This is the philosophy that Letalis was founded on and what we continue to do to this day.

'To create jewellery that will be worn by future generations and not just passed down'


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